and Evenness Measurement

Flatness and Evenness Measurement

Flatness and levelness are decisive key features for the quality of flat products in the metal industry.

Their measurement and control are therefore important success factors that help to improve the quality of the manufactured products and reduce critical factors such as process disturbances, equipment damage and scrapping of defective products.

IMS uses the globally unique and patented Camera Cluster Systems (CCS) for non-contact measurement of flatness and levelness.

These systems measure and quantify both flatness and levelness defects in plates, sheets and strips – online or offline.

flatness [I-Unit]

levelness [μm or mm]

– „box“ height calculation
– calculation of the crossbow
– speed / length measurement with speed laser
– DAkkS certificated standardization straight edge

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Flatness and Evenness Measurement

Flatness and Evenness Measurement

Technical Information

Material data

Typical thickness range:

not limited

Max. speed:

up to 350 m/min, but not limited to


up to 2,400 mm, but not limited to


not limited / continuous inspection

Measurement system data

Gauge type:

fixed mounted frame or moveable C-frame

Radiation Source:

Laser (safety class 2M)

Camera type:

CCS (16 cameras per cluster)

Typical working distance camera:

350 mm

Measuring dynamics

Sampling rate:

up to 1 kHz (depends on the material surface)

Measuring accurancy

Height resolution:

better than ± 0.05 mm (2 σ) possible, depends on application

Width resolution:

up to 200 measurement zones per meter (5 mm raster)

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