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Sheet - /
Plate Geometry Measurement

Sheet Geometry Measurement / Plate Geometry Measurement

The CCS Sheet Geometry Measurement / Plate Geometry Measurement is usually installed between the shear and stacking system.

The measurement is based on optical reflection in which the entire cut edge is detected. The measuring system is able to measure the length (L), width (W), diagonals (D1, D2), angles (A, B), squareness (S) and camber (C) for each sheet.

Storage of the measurement results is of course an integral part of the system.

– length
– width
– out of squareness
– parallelism

– camber
– sheets with scrap-minimizing shapes such as trapezoid, rhombus and scroll

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Vergleich Laser Messsysteme




Technical Information

Material data

Typical thickness range:

up to 8 mm, but not limited

Max. speed:

up to 150 m/min, but not limited to

Width (mm):

not limited

Sheet- / Plate length (m):

from 300 mm up to 12,000 mm, but not limited to

Measurement system data

Gauge type:

customized frame with moveable CCS

Radiation source:

High Power LED

Camera type:

CCS (16 cameras per cluster)

Typical working distance:

350 mm with 60 mm field of view

Measuring dynamics

Sampling rate:

depends on application

Measuring accuracy

Length & width accuracy:

0.1 mm/m (2 σ) typical

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