Slit Strip Width Measurement


With its CCS slit strip width measuring system, IMS offers a width measuring system for slit strips especially for use in slitting lines.

The slit strip width measuring system not only provides exact measurement results when the line is at a standstill, but also continuously over the complete length of the coil – individually for every strip.

Transgressions of width tolerance ranges are detected immediately during production and indicated.

slit strip width

– strip edge fault detection

Special Features

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Dirk Reimertz,
Dipl. Engineer

“The adage that special challenges require special solutions is also true in metal service centres. In addition to the verifiability of flatness previously required, your best customer suddenly also needs the exact geometry of the plates to be delivered. Do you now lose the order or is there a possibility to retrofit a measuring system despite the cramped conditions? What advantage does this investment bring me, apart from the fact that it satisfies just this one customer?

Not only in slitting and cut-to-length lines, but also in pickling lines, recoiling lines and inspection lines, it is necessary to meet growing customer demands on product quality. These are challenges that I am confronted with every day and for which we at IMS have developed a product portfolio specially tailored to metal service centres.

We set new standards with our systems and reach new dimensions with our efficient, digital and durable measurement technology. The systems are designed precisely for your application, and with our Life Cycle Partnership you are always on the safe side.”

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Slit Strip Width Measurement

Slit Strip Width Measurement

Technical Information

Material data

Typical thickness range:

up to 6 mm, but not limited

Max. speed:

up to 350 m/min, but not limited to


up to 2,400 mm, but not limited to

Number of strips:

not limited

Min. strip width:

3 mm

Min. distance between strips:

1 mm


not limited / continuous inspection

Measurement system data

Gauge type:

fixed mounted frame or moveable C-frame

Radiation source:

intelligent LED backlight

Camera type:

CCS (16 cameras per cluster)

Typical working distance camera:

235 mm

Typical working distance backlight:

125 mm

Measuring dynamics

Sampling rate:

up to 28 kHz

Measuring accuracy

Slit strip width accuracy:

± 0.05 mm (2 σ) typical

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