Multichannel Thickness Profile Measuring System

Multichannel Thickness Profile Measuring System

The XR SSMC multichannel thickness profile measuring system measures both strip thickness and the strip thickness cross profile continuously and in real time.

To this end, the C-frame of the multichannel thickness profile measurement is equipped with a series of segments, each consisting of a radiation source in the upper beam and a width-dependent number of detectors in the lower part of the frame, each forming a measuring channel. In this system the radiation passes through the material from top to bottom. The ionisation chambers (detectors) convert the radiation which has passed through the material into electrical signals, which are then used to calculate the exact thickness of the material.

The centre gauge supplies the data for control (AGC) of the mill stand. The other detectors supply the profile data for calculation of the important wedge and crown values.

continuous thickness measurement in the centre of the roller table

continuous measurement of strip thickness cross profile

measurement of width and centreline deviation

calculation of wedge and crown values

fastest and continuous cross profile measurement compared to other measuring systems with cross profile function

continuous guarantee of centreline thickness detection

stereoscopic design and thus detection of the cross contour influence

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Multichannel Thickness Profile Measuring System

Multichannel Thickness Profile Measuring System

Technical Information

Material data

Typical thickness range:

> 0 up to 40 mm


> 0 – 12 m/s


up to 3,000 mm

Measurement system data

Gauge type:


Radiation source:

X-ray tube (max. 75 kV/2.5 mA)

Measuring dynamics

Analogue time constant:

approx. 20 ms

Cycle time data processing:

10 ms

Cycle time data output CL:

10 ms

Cycle time data output profile:

adjustable scanning time

Measuring accuracy


≤ 0.07%


≤ 0.05 %

Long term drift (10 hrs):

≤ 0.1 %

Statistical noise (10 ms):

≤ 0.1 %

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