IMS Surface Inspection System surcon 2D advanced Metal Service Centres

surcon 2D advanced

Surface Inspection System

Surface Inspection System

Certain defects change their appearance when viewed from different angles. The use of an additional dark field configuration takes advantage of this fact and leads to an even more precise error detection.

Parallel image acquisition ensures that no defect is overlooked. The modular design of all IMS surcon 2D surface inspection systems enables uncomplicated retrofitting of an additional dark field module as used in the surface inspection advanced.

An additional high-resolution dark field module to highlight each defect is recommended especially for rolling mills, coating lines, CGLs, CALs, and skin pass mills.

100% online inspection using fast line scan camera
and high-power LED

advanced automated defect detection in multiple
illumination angles

instant detection of periodic defects that indicate roll
damages making use of all image channels

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IMS Surface Inspection System surcon 2D advanced Metal Service Centres

surcon 2D advanced

Surface Inspection System

Surface Inspection System

Technical Information

Material data

Max. speed (m/s):

up to 1,900 m/min for 0.4 mm length resolution

Width (mm):

not limited to

Length (m):

no restriction / continuous inspection possible

Measurement system data


2D bright field and dark field

Installation type:

fixed installation or movable

Camera type:

CMOS line scan camera / Gigabit Ethernet / Camera Link

Illumination source:

High Power LED 450 nm / 630 nm / white

more than 500 W/m² at 500 mm working distance

Typical working distance:

400-1,500 mm

Performance data

Chip size / framerates:

up to 8,192 pixels up to 140 kHz

Typical resolution:

0.2 mm x 0.2 mm / 0.2 mm x 0.4 mm

Image storage:

defective areas in full resolution

background in reduced resolution

short intervals can be stored in full resolution

Image storage capacity:

typically 22 TB (up to 55 TB)

Image type:

lossless compressed tiff format


Microsoft SQL Server



feature based, pre-trained AI

parallel classification using multiple classifiers

Features for classification:

> 400 feature values per defect (using both images)


rule based quality grading


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