XR Centreline
Thickness Measuring System

XR Traversing Thickness Profile Measuring System (cold rolling mill)

XR Traversing Thickness Profile Measuring System (cold rolling mill)

By means of continuous, non-contact, real-time measurement, the x-ray thickness gauging system measures the centerline thickness of the strip.

With this measuring method, the material is radiated by a single x-ray source, mounted in the lower beam of the c-frame.

One or three ionisation chambers, installed in the upper beam of the c-frame, receive and convert the remaining radiation into electrical signals. Further realtime processing calculates the accurate thickness of the strip.

centreline thickness measurement

– measurement of thickness cross profile
strip speed / length measurement with integrated strip velocity gauge in the upper beam

Special Features

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…for you as a specialist for cold rolling mills. One part of your solution here is offered by our innovative and high-precision measuring systems for the cold strip sector, which have proven that they measure and detect lastingly and reliably even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

How challenging and different such environmental conditions as well as the tasks assigned to you as the responsible person can be is something I am well aware of, not only theoretically but also practically, from more than 20 years of working for IMS. I started out as a systems engineer in the field of software and commissioning. Today, in the position of Global Sales Manager, I am your IMS expert for measuring systems in the cold strip sector.

Making measurable what can be measured is part of our corporate philosophy. The “how” in your particular case is as much my challenge from the moment you contact me as it is yours. My personal benchmark is your constant high product quality and – especially – your equally constant trust out of conviction in the performance of our measuring systems.”

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XR Centreline
Thickness Measuring System

XR Traversing Thickness Profile Measuring System (cold rolling mill)

XR Traversing Thickness Profile Measuring System (cold rolling mill)

Technical Information

Material data (typical for aluminium cold rolling mills)

Typical thickness range:

0.15 up to 8 mm, but not limited to


2,000 m/min, but not limited to


up to 2,200 mm, but not limited to

Measurement system data

Gauge type:

movable C-frame

Radiation Source:

X-ray tube (metal-ceramic)

Measuring dynamics

Analogue time constant:

2 ms

Total time constant:

5 ms or 10 ms

Cycle time data output:

2 ms

Measuring accuracy (2 sigma values)


0.05 %, not better than ±0.20 μm

Long term drift (10 hrs):

0.1 %, not better than ±0.20 μm


0.1 %, not better than ±0.25 μm

Statistical noise (10 ms):

0.1 %, not better than ±0.25 μm


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IMS Measuring Systems for Aluminium Cold Rolling Mills

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