Coat Measuring System

Coat Measuring System

The Kr coat measuring system is used for continuous, non-contact measurement of coating layers using the isotope-based backscatter method.

The number of measuring heads required depends on the type of application (wet or dry).

The traversing measuring system measures the individual coat layers (primer & finisher) over the entire strip width.

To this end, the characteristic properties of different types of coating can be stored in a database.

coat thickness measurement
quality control
coating database


coat layer control

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Coat Measuring System

Coat Measuring System

Technical Information

Material data (typical for Aluminium Cold Rolling Mills)

Carrier material:


Thickness carrier material (aluminium):

0.2 up to 3 mm


600 up to 2,100 mm

Coating material:

lacquers (epoxy, acryd, acrylate, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, HDP, PVDF, plastisol, clear lacquers)

Typical coating area:

5.0 – 400.0 μm (dry)

Measurement system data

Gauge type:

traverse with one measuring head (traversing)

Radiation Source:

Kr-85 spotlight activity from 7.4 GBq

Detector type:

KG 90

Measurement spot size:

Ø 120 mm

Typical working distance:

approx. 30 mm

Traversing speed:

0.5 up to 8 m/min

Measuring dynamics

Sampling rate transmitter:

10 ms

Measuring time constant (analogue) TCA:

200 ms

Total time constant:

10 ms

Measured value output and processing:

200 – 2,000 ms (adjustable)

Measuring accuracy (2 sigma values)

Short-term drift, 4h (IEC 61336):

< ± 0.2%, not better than < ± 0.1μm


5 – 25 μm coating thickness < ± 0.3 μm
25 – 50 μm coating thickness < ± 0.5 μm
50 – 100 μm coating thickness < ± 1.0 μm
100 – 200 μm coating thickness < ±2.0 μm
200 -400 μm coating thickness < ± 4.0 μm

Statistical noise (2σ) :
(effective time constant)
TCE = 2.000 ms, TCE=TCA+TCD)

5 – 25 μm coating thickness < ± 0.1 μm
25 – 50 μm coating thickness < ± 0.2 μm
50-100 μm coating thickness < ± 1.0 μm
at 100.0 – 200.0 μm coating thickness
at 200.0 – 400.0 μm coating thickness

IMS Measuring Systems for Aluminium Rolling Mills

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