Pinhole Detector

The IMS pinhole detector is recommended as a high-performance solution especially for rolling mills and processing lines.

The measurement method is based on the detection of finest quantities of light by CMOS photo sensors.

In this way, the CCS pinhole detector reliably detects, localises and classifies even the smallest perforations that can occur in the production of strips and foils.

detection of pinholes

– detection of strip edge defects
large hole detection
width measurement
– dynamic performance monitoring

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Pinhole Detector

Technical Information

Material data

Typical thickness range:

up to 0.1 mm, but not limited

Max. speed:

up to 1,500 m/min, but not limited to


up to 2,400 mm, but not limited


not limited / continuous inspection

Measurement system data

Gauge type:

fixed mounted frame or moveable C-frame

Radiation Source:

intelligent high-power LED backlight (water-cooled)

Camera type:

CCS (16 cameras per cluster)

Typical working distance camera:

90 mm

Typical working distance backlight:

100 mm

Measuring dynamics

Sampling rate:

up to 28 kHz

Measuring accuracy

Pinhole size (diameter):

5 μm (in foils) *
10 μm (in strip) *

Edge blackout:

≤ ± 3 mm (no mechanical edge masks)

Max. permitted passline fluctuation:

± 3 mm

*) The detectable hole size depends on the strip thickness and strip speed. Exact details are specified on a system basis

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